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Kayak Fishing off the coast of Cornwall

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Kayak Fishing off the coast of Cornwall
KAYKING IS WITHOUT DOUBT opened up a whole new world for the fisherman, conventional tactics like plugging, float or bottom fishing are becoming popular but for me there’s nothing to beat the experience of fly-fishing with surface-poppers, sand-eel patterns etc, all of which are tied at home of course.

kayaking off the cornish coastBefore choosing a kayak there are a few things you might want to consider – where you intend to fish (estuary or open sea) and how far you will have to paddle to reach your marks. The kayak I prefer is a sit-on-top as they are easy to use and should you capsize there easy to climb back on. They are designed for fishing in mind. Depending on which model you choose, a good seat with a high back is best.

Kayak fishing is an extreme sport, so when taking to the water you need to act responsibly and carry out the necessary safety rules.

A personal flotation device is a must. You should always adjust this so that it becomes a good fit as this prevents it from riding up over your head should you enter the water. Other equipment worth carrying is sun cream and protective glasses, which are a must for fly-casting anyway. Don’t forget your First Aid kit.