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Best Tennis Racquets 2016 List and How To Choose The Best Tennis Racquet

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Best Tennis Racquets 2016 List and How To Choose The Best Tennis Racquet

With all the start of a new year, will come a new line of rackets coming from some of the most popular dealers coming from around the world! Starting with the new Babolat Pure Aero line to the club exclusive Milson Ultra XP’s, these racquets are sure to enhance the level of enjoy for anyone who is serious about their online game! Find the best tennis racquet 2016 via this website.
Babolat Pure Aero


Headsize: 100 sq. in.

Length: 27″

Beam Width: 23/26/23mm

Weight Strung: 315g/(11 oz.)

Racquet/Player Type: Advanced

Color(s): Black/Florescent Yellow

Composition/Construction: Graphite

String Pattern (Mains X Crosses): 16 x 19

Recommended String Tension: 50-59 lbs

Balance: 32cm/ (12.6 in.)

Stiffness/Flex: 72 RA

Grommet Technology: FSI Spin

Frame Technology: Aeromodular 2

Grip Type: Syntec Pro

Swing Weight: 290 kgcm

Swing Type: Fast, Long

Towpath Recommended String: Babolat RPM Blast

What’s so good about it?
Coming straight coming from Babolat’s previous generation regarding Aero Rackets, the new Natural Aero Line offers an airworthy frame which enables the particular racket head to move much quicker, therefore increasing ball velocity. This is due to the combination of woofer and also cortex technologies that have been incorporated into the racket. The brand new remodeled grommets allow the string your bed to move freely which fine tunes the lift on the ball. The particular pure aero comes in the first Pure Aero, the Natural Aero Team, and the Natural Aero Lite. The Natural Aero Play, Pure Aero +, Pure Aero Travel, and the junior rackets can also be available in November 2015!
Why is it that we like it?
The spin! The newest Pure Aero, compared to the more mature models of Aero rackets, provides more interaction between the basketball and the strings which enhances the amount of spin being produced. Players are able to maximize their particular spin on the ball without losing virtually any power in their swing. Is actually perfect for the players who want the best possible spin and have more intense play styles. Not only is racket made up of the latest inside tennis technology, but with the particular matte fluorescent yellow finish off, it looks great!

Wilson Pro Staff 97 ULS


Headsize: 97 sq. in.

Length: 27″

Beam Width: 23mm Flat Beam

Weight Strung: 285g/ (10 oz.)

Color(s): Black/Red

Composition/Construction: Braided Graphite + Kevlar

String Pattern (Mains X Crosses): 18 x 16 (S.E.T.)

Recommended String Tension: 50-60 lbs.

Balance: 32.5cm/ (12.8 in.)

Grommet Technology: Spin Effect Technology

Grip Type: Sublime Grip

Swing Type: Moderate to Full

Towpath Recommended String: Luxilon Big Banger

What is so great about it?
Not only performs this racket have better movement compared to its heavier pro-staff counterpart (donned by Roger Federer), but it is a great ultra-lightweight alternative that is able to generate a lot of power as well! With the fresh 18×16 Spin Effect Technological innovation, players are able to generate spin and rewrite by placing a tighter hold on the ball. With this latest design, you also don’t have to worry about restricting power for control as the ULS offers players the right combination of power, spin, velocity, and control!
Why do we deal with it?
The lighter weight! This specific racket is a great choice for participants who love the control of the first pro staff, but desire a lighter weight frame. It is . perfect for beginner or more advanced level players who are finding out how to generate their own spin and also power. This racket is a good alternative for players that will love to hit lots of lite flite from the baseline. The extreme movement is also excellent for governing the rackets speed and viewpoint through contact with the basketball.

Wilson “Club Exclusive” Ultra XP

Specs (Ultra XP 100S)                                                     

Headsize: 100 sq. inches

Length: 27.25”

Weight Strung: 290 g/ (10.2 oz)

Racquet/Player Type: beginner

Color(s): black/blue/grey

String Pattern (Mains X Crosses): 16 x 15

Recommended String Tension: 50-60 lbs (53)

Balance: 33 cm/ 5 pts HL

Grip Type: Wilson Sublime

Swing Type: Fast, Long

Towpath Recommended String: Wilson Sensation 16

There is no benefits so great about it?
Not only are these claims racket modeled after the traditional Wilson Profile, but it is extremely versatile and easy to use. The brand new technology in this racket can make controlling the ball an easy task specifically for beginner and older gamers who need a racket which is not only lightweight, but features a bigger head size with regard to better ball control. The brand new technology also allows for simpler access to good power without needing to exert too much effort.
Why do some of us like it?
Head size as well as ease! This racket is actually a great choice for players which are a fan of the classic Wilson User profile. Not only is this racket a well-liked option among beginners and 55+ players, but it’s extremely maneuverable and easy to golf swing with. It’s also a nice option for tennis pros that are looking for an easy racket that may feed balls quickly along with lots of depth.

You can refer to this website to choose the best tennis racquet 2016!

Kayak Fishing off the coast of Cornwall

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Kayak Fishing off the coast of Cornwall
KAYKING IS WITHOUT DOUBT opened up a whole new world for the fisherman, conventional tactics like plugging, float or bottom fishing are becoming popular but for me there’s nothing to beat the experience of fly-fishing with surface-poppers, sand-eel patterns etc, all of which are tied at home of course.

kayaking off the cornish coastBefore choosing a kayak there are a few things you might want to consider – where you intend to fish (estuary or open sea) and how far you will have to paddle to reach your marks. The kayak I prefer is a sit-on-top as they are easy to use and should you capsize there easy to climb back on. They are designed for fishing in mind. Depending on which model you choose, a good seat with a high back is best.

Kayak fishing is an extreme sport, so when taking to the water you need to act responsibly and carry out the necessary safety rules.

A personal flotation device is a must. You should always adjust this so that it becomes a good fit as this prevents it from riding up over your head should you enter the water. Other equipment worth carrying is sun cream and protective glasses, which are a must for fly-casting anyway. Don’t forget your First Aid kit.